Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids

Who doesn’t enjoy hands on learning?  Here are some good ideas for Christmas to better educate your family.  Board games can be wonderful learning tools.  We bought the Sorry Game to teach about math, counting, order, following rules, and good sportsmanship.  Battleship is a great way to teach the use of ordered pairs in Math.  Scrabble is a challenging game that stretches vocabulary and spelling skills.  Monopoly is a time-consuming game that teaches about real estate investments.  We bought a Science Wiz kit from Michael’s about Inventions.  There were four experiments.  The kit made an electromagnetic motor, a telegraph, a radio, and more.  Science Wiz sells other kits like Chemistry, Physics, and Electricity too.  We have enjoyed building machines with a Lego Motor and Legos.  Smart Lab sells a Motor Mania kit which has great educational potential, but is poorly manufactured.  If you are willing to take the risk, there are some neat activities showing how motors are used in our society.  One of our favorites, have been Gears! Gears! Gears! which is available on Amazon.  This will provide hours of endless learning, creativity, and fun.  For younger children, Hullabaloo teaches kids listening skills and following directions.  They can even do this game independently!  Puzzles teach children spatial skills and Geometry.  Learning Journey Techno Gears offers a variety of marble machines for parents and children to assemble together and enjoy marbles on different tracks that may glow, have flashing colors, and energetic sounds.  The assembly process is great for spatial skills, mechanics, and following directions.   A local hobby store is full of interesting projects for kids and parents to do.

These are a few ideas to help you and your family enjoy learning activities together.

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