Home Education Offers Unrestrained Learning

Parents have the prerogative to choose the educational path for their children.  It is their God-given right and responsibility.  Home schooling offers individualized instruction designed personally for kids.  Home schooled children get to move at their own pace and use curriculum designed specifically for them.  Their schedules are structured, yet flexible.  They may enjoy a piano or art lesson, a group science experiment, an interesting field trip when it appropriately fits into their schedule.  Children educated at home are unrestrained in their learning.  They enjoy learning and the learning process because they can focus more on their interests and other enjoyable activities throughout their day.  They are not restricted by a bell schedule or curriculum in text books. Their day has few distractions like assemblies, loud sounds of lawn mowers and air blowers, announcements, phone calls, crowded classrooms, and disruptive kids.  Generally, the learning time is finished within 3-4 hours of study.  The home environment is generally cleaner.  Healthy food may be served at home instead of mostly processed school lunches.  Children at home get to interact in diverse social situations, not just their age group.  They receive directed socialization; learning how to interact in diverse situations and problem solving in conflicts.  Home education provides an appreciation for the freedom to learn physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

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