18 Trillion Dollars-Oh My!

This week the United States’ debt clock exceeded 18 trillion dollars!  One of our conversations over Thanksgiving dinner was about how wonderful it would be if the clock began moving backward.  Instead it moves deeper into debt at about $40,000.00 per second.  In 1980, the national debt was $910,000,000,000.00.  After Reagan’s term ended in 1988, it was 2.6 trillion (America’s debt nearly tripled in 8 years).  In 2004, our national debt was 8 trillion dollars.  Today, we are at 18 trillion, 3 billion and the clock is moving faster than ever.  The deficit per year is about 500 billion.  Some say that the United States’ national debt is really about 200 trillion when the unfunded liabilities of Medicare and Social Security are included.  These numbers are difficult to comprehend.  Dear Lord, I pray that the United States would live within the means that you have blessed them and they would balance their checkbook, Amen.

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