German Produced Vaccine Video That All Parents Should View-Free for Now!

This is an outstanding hour and a half video from German parents, doctors, and scientists.  It is worth educating yourself if you are a parent or thinking about becoming one.

The movie highlights these points:

  • Adjuvants like aluminum (cell and nerve toxin), formaldehyde (carcinogen and neurotoxin), organic mercury thiomersal, and genetically engineered micro-organisms cultured on human fetal cells are added to vaccines to hyper stimulate the baby’s immune system.
  • The question is raised if children really need 30 vaccines in their first year of life.
  • The conflict of interest between vaccine information pages being managed by the vaccine manufacturers.
  • Scientific results being hidden.
  • Aluminum can cross the blood brain barrier and cause brain inflammation.
  • More unbiased studies are needed.
  • The new sick normality:  1:10 have asthma, 1:3 have eczema, 15% have ADHD.
  • Australia has nearly a 100% vaccination rate for whooping-cough and there are more cases of whooping-cough now than before 1950.
  • Clean water and improved living standards were already eradicating diseases before vaccines were introduced.

Parents are entitled by God to research and make informed decisions regarding their child’s health and welfare.

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