Neil Young’s “Monsanto Years” Takes on the Hypocrites

July 2015 has been the month that government continues to turn against the people–on both sides.  Some examples are from Republican representatives like Ken Calvert and Mimi Walters who both voted “aye” on HR 6 21st Century Cures Act and HR 1599 Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015.  Both bills are deceptively titled to sound like they are for the people.  HR 6 is backed by the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA.  According to NVIC, this bill “compromises the integrity of the vaccine licensing process”.  HR 1599, which passed with a vote of 275 to 150 blocks states’ 10th amendment right to label GMOs.  Both Walters (who states that she intends to balance the US budget) and Calvert, voted to grow government and reduce liberty.  I am citing two, but Congress is full of hypocrites like these.  Musician Neil Young speaks out using his musical talent to communicate these injustices against America and the world.

“Mothers want to know what they feed their children…”  N.Y. +Promise of the Real

Yes, “GMO Free” moms want to know.

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