Simple Advice about Success

Priorities, discipline, and hard work are qualities that helped me to succeed in college and in all of my life’s aspirations.  I have always been a goal setter:  I set daily, weekly, yearly, and long term goals.  If my goals are not met, they get transferred to the next day, week, year until they are accomplished or re-evaluated.  After completing four years of college at UCLA, I interviewed for a position as an Orientation Counselor and was chosen from a pool of 500 candidates.  This was an honor and was a lot of fun,as well as, a huge responsibility.  One of my many responsibilities was to teach a seminar about “How to Succeed in College”.  Success requires work and being conscientious.  It requires a plan and a focus on that plan.  Recently, I got together with a group of friends from UCLA whom I had not seen in decades.  Every person in my group was successful.  We all shared a common bond of hard work, dedication, and passion for a good life.    John Wooden, a former basketball coach at UCLA, devised a “pyramid for success” .  One character trait that I would add to his pyramid is perseverance.  This requires hanging in there even though the task is difficult.  It is worth it if the goal is noble and you are giving your best effort.

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