Vaccines and Medical Learning Time

I have heard over the years that doctors do not study vaccines much in medical school. A few years ago, I tutored a doctor’s children and asked her what she thought about vaccines.  She became very defensive and told me that the polio vaccine has been very helpful in stopping polio.  I decided to not pursue the subject further with her.  This person did some investigating and has come up with these conclusions:

Their main idea is, “How many doctors have studied vaccines more than 2 hours?”  They say that out of 6,700 pages studied, 4 pages discuss vaccines.  Specialized doctors like OB/Gyns, get 1 1/2 pages of mostly the CDC vaccination schedule, while Pediatricians get a reference manual with 1 page of vaccine explanations and mostly the CDC vaccine schedule with 4 pages of warnings. Worth watching for the 3+ minutes.  Well done.

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