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History of the Covid-19 aka CCP Virus or SARS-Cov-2

This is an excellent documentary–easily watched the nearly one hour program.  Watched it with my family…an outstanding middle school or higher, science and social science lesson.

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Covid-19 Exonerates Cows As GHG Levels Fall

Mooing cows make me smile.  In a green pasture, on a rolling hill, they are a beautiful sight.  My city, a former ranch, recently had cows covering its hills…doing what God created them to do…graze.  New neighborhoods have replaced the … Continue reading


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A Solution to the Corona Virus Problem

In 2008, my husband came home all excited about the movie, Food, Inc.  We are both educators who have an active interest in healthy living.  About 2004, we started a backyard garden.  We utilized the permaculture philosophy to begin.  Our … Continue reading

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