America’s Constitution Made Easy (Part 4)

The war for independence from England had begun. Farmers, merchants, schoolteachers, pastors, and young boys would join Washington’s forces to defeat the redcoats from 1775-1783. Paul Revere and friends hung two lanterns for a short time in the steeple of Christ Church in Boston to warn that the British intended to use the sea to get to Lexington. He, then, made his way through the countryside on April 18, 1775 warning that the redcoats were coming to gather up munitions in Lexington. The first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord and then there was a deadly battle on Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill on June 17th, 1775. Fort Ticonderoga would be captured from the British in May 1775. The newly formed Continental Army under General Washington would put a siege on Boston and starve out the British. The battles would go back and forth-victories for the Patriots and then for the British. The British armada would arrive in New York Harbor during the summer of 1776 with 400 ships. The Continental army would suffer serious defeat at the Battle of Brooklyn August 27, 1776. Washington would be surrounded by British troops and General Howe. He decided to miraculously ferry 9000 troops and supplies across the East River to Manhattan Island throughout the night and morning. A thick fog would prevent any British movement while the evacuation continued and succeeded under the blanket of God’s protection. The Battle of Kip’s Bay would shortly ensue, leaving New York City in the hands of the British. On Christmas night, December 1776, Washington moved his troops across the Delaware into Trenton, New Jersey. They would attack on December 26th and surprise the Hessian (German) army. The result would be a victory for the Patriots and an increase in morale after much defeat. There would be hunger, disease, desertion, intense cold (Valley Forge), but the troops persevered, trusting in God. There would be many calls to prayer, fasting, humility, repentance, and thankfulness throughout the war. Finally, in the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia, General Cornwallis would surrender to the Continental Army with the help of the French and General Lafayette on October 17, 1781. America was finally free.

British evacuation of Boston 1776

(British evacuating Boston 1776)

To be continued…

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