Ask the Teacher

Many moms who home educate their children have come to me for encouragement and advice over the years due to their insecurity about teaching their own children, which is one reason I started this website.  I have met them at church, in the library, and in front of teacher supply stores.  You do not need a credential to teach your children!   I firmly believe that if you love your child, you are going to do an amazing job.    I also believe that it is wise to ask others for advice and to talk to people about teaching strategies.   Becoming a parent instantly qualifies you to educate your family.  You know your children better than anyone else on the planet.  One thing parents need to remember is that they are continuing to learn as they educate their children.  Learning is endless.  There are many wonderful home school programs available today and an incredible amount of help on the Web.  As an educator, I ask advice from other teachers and moms.  I have learned a lot from both resources.  See Curriculum Guide.



2 Responses to Ask the Teacher

  1. luvsunnydays says:

    How do I teach syllables? An effective method is to have the student put their fingers on their chin and have them say the word. Every time the chin drops, that counts as a syllable.

  2. luvsunnydays says:

    A daughter, who was having difficulty learning phonics at private school, asked her mom for help. After “tutoring” her child, the daughter exclaimed, “Mommy, you’re the best teacher in the world!”

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